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Make Your Impact: Nominations Open for ARVC Board of Directors

Your national association (ARVC) needs your voice on its Board of Directors!

The ARVC Board of Directors nomination period is open for the four voting areas that have openings with three-year terms beginning on November 11, 2021. If you are interested in serving on the ARVC Board of Directors and would like to nominate yourself or someone else you must submit the appropriate nomination documentation to Susan Motley, senior executive director education and events, no later than July 13, 2021 for compilation and submission to the Nominations and Elections Chair.

This year there are open positions in Voting Areas 234 and 6. Nominees cannot be from ArizonaPennsylvania, South Carolina or Wisconsin, as the ARVC bylaws require that all representatives come from different states. For a complete list of current Area Directors or a full copy of the ARVC bylaws please visit

All nominations must be accompanied with the signatures of fifteen (15) active voting-member parks from the nominee’s voting area. It is the responsibility of the person making the nomination to ensure that all fifteen (15) park signatories hold current and valid voting member status with ARVC, as defined in Article IV, Section 1. A link to this signatures form is available for download to assist in gathering signatures. **Electronic signatures on the form or scanned forms that have been signed are also accepted.**

The Nominations and Elections Committee will verify this upon submission. Petition signatures from non-voting members shall not be considered as valid and will not be counted, and may therefore render a petition invalid. In such cases, nominees will be notified by the Nominations and Elections Committee within fourteen (14) days of submission, and will have an opportunity to rectify the shortfall, subject to the submission deadline of July 13, 2021.

Director Qualification Summary:

  1. Have at least two (2) years experience as an RV park or campground owner/operator;
  2. Is associated with a voting member park in good standing with ARVC;
  3. Is the designated representative of a voting member campground/RV park; and
  4. Is able to give priority to the ARVC meeting schedule for board meetings and the Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo

Also recommended, but not required:

  1. Participation in local, regional or state tourism councils
  2. Have experience in fundraising
  3. Possess the ability and willingness to represent ARVC at state meetings
  4. Expertise in a particular area of the industry

Nomination Documentation Required:

  1. A biography stipulating the candidate’s abilities and outlining involvement as described above;
  2. A form with 15 certifiable voting member signatures nominating candidate. A link to this signatures form is available for download to assist in gathering signatures; and

A letter from the candidate certifying his/her willingness and reasons he/she wishes to serve 



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