Open enrollment for 2024 is happening now! 

Invoices must be paid by December 20, 2023 to ensure your discount for the 2024 calendar year. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the National ARVC licensure discount for the calendar year. 

About the National ARVC Combined Music License Program 

National ARVC member-parks are turning music into money at their parks—with karaoke contests and pool parties that drive engagement with campers who purchase tickets to participate. But did you know if you play music at your park, you must have a license to avoid copyright law infringement?

Performing rights organizations, known as PROs, collect licensing fees, and, in turn, pay royalties to the songwriter, publisher or performer of that music. There are four major music licensing companies: ASCAP, BMISESAC, and GMR. If you play copyrighted music at your RV park, campground or glamping resort without a license from these organizations, you could be liable for damages set by federal statute that can range from $750 to $30,000. In addition, if a jury finds that the infringement was “willful,” the damages assessed could run as high as $150,000 per song plus legal costs

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to secure the right music license -- at our exclusive discounted rates -- that will help protect your park from liability and costly fines. National ARVC Combined Music Licenses are only available for National ARVC members, so become a member or contact ARVC at 303-681-0401 now to get assistance.

Need to pay your invoice or download your music license certificate? 

Invoices and music license certificates (post-payment) are available in your member portal. To access:

  1. Login to Your username is your e-mail.
  2. Click “My Information” in the blue toolbar at the top of the member portal to access “My Invoices” and “My Music Licenses”.

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Why does an “RV park, campground or glamping resort” have to pay an annual music licensing?

The fee is to pay for a license that permits the RV park, campground or glamping resort to have music performed on its premises, whether it is performed live, through recorded music over CD’s, Spotify, Apple Music, radio, DVDs and cassettes, or by music on-hold. Under copyright law, anybody who makes music available to the public needs permission prior to performing that music. Without a license, a park that allows music to be performed at its facilities commits a violation of federal copyright law.

How much does it cost?

National ARVC has negotiated a one-of-a-kind combined music licensing agreement as an exclusive National ARVC member benefit. It will protect you from music copyright liability for all artists covered by your selected PROs at drastically reduced rates. The discounted rates under the National ARVC member licensing agreement are based on the fee structure for 2024.

How do these rates compare to the standard rate the PROs charge other venues?

The negotiated rates for National ARVC members reflect as much as a 50% discount over current published licensing rates for ASCAP and BMI. Negotiated rates for SESAC reflect a 26% average discount over the current rate. GMR rates reflect a 28% discount over public rates. 

If I purchase the ARVC Music License, will I continue receiving calls from the PROs?

No. Any National ARVC member who purchases a license through National ARVC will be placed on a “Do Not Contact” list by the PROs they are covered by. You will only deal directly with National ARVC staff. Should you receive a call, email or any other contact from any PRO you are licensed under, you are to notify National ARVC immediately.

What's the deal with the newest PRO, Global Music Rights?
Global Music Rights is new on the scene, and their catalog rounds out full coverage for National ARVC members.

It goes like this:

With ASCAP/BMI you get George Harrison and classic hits like Got My Mind Set On You.

With SESAC you get Ringo Starr & Paul McCartney with their chart-toppers like Goodnight Vienna and Maybe I'm Amazed.

With GMR you get John Lennon and Well Well Well don't we know that's full of hits you can only Imagine. 
And with the full music license program of all four licenses, you get The Beatles. Some of their hits? Here Comes the Sun, Come Together, Hey Jude, and the list goes on.

But The Beatles are just the beginning. When it comes to music licensing, each PRO represents a different group of songwriters, composers, and publishers, so being licensed by all four PROs allows your business to be fully protected for all your and your guests' musical tastes.



What is covered by a license?

The license covers copyrighted music played, or performed, for the public. That includes digital music services, Muzak, satellite radio and TV, cable, on-hold music, DJs, live performers, karaoke and even your personal CDs. A license gives you legal authorization to play copyrighted music for the public and protects you from the financial penalties of copyright infringement. The license does not cover performances in any hotel, motel or lodge situated on the premises.

What do you mean by "lodge"? Is that just another word for hotel basically? Or somewhere where people have rooms to spend the night?
For a National ARVC member to be covered with our license a certain amount of lodging has to be RV park specific—RV sites, Park Model cabins, glamping accommodations, rustic tent sites, etc. It is not valid if the business’ primary accommodation is a hotel, motel or lodge.

Why do I need a license from four different companies?

Each of these organizations, or PROs, represents different songwriters, composers, publishers and copyright holders, so to be fully protected, you need to be licensed by all four.

Does the ARVC Music License specifically exclude any types of performances?

Yes. Additional licensing fees may apply for events for which a hard ticket from an outside source is required for admission, any event which requires a separate admission fee of $25 or higher, or if your park incurs annual live entertainment expenses in excess of $5,000.

What is a public performance?

A public performance is one that occurs either in a public place or any place where people gather (other than a small circle of a family or its social acquaintances). A public performance is also one that is transmitted to the public; for example, radio or television broadcasts, music-on-hold, cable television, and by the internet.

Aren’t TV, cable, and radio stations already licensed?

Yes, they are. However, those agreements do not authorize the broadcast of these TV, cable and radio stations to the public by businesses and other organizations.

What if we already own our own collection of music CDs?

The purchase price that you paid for the CDs only covers your use of them for private listening. Once you decide to play any copyrighted music publicly, you need permission from the copyright owners.

My streaming service's terms & conditions say commercial use is not allowed. Does the National ARVC music license program cover me despite their terms & conditions?

Our licenses allow RV parks and campgrounds to play music using the streaming services. The licenses that streaming services are using do not offer the same coverage for users as what National ARVC is able to offer for commercial use. Having the National ARVC full coverage program keeps your park safe when streaming music from online services.

If we have live performances at our park, are the musicians responsible for being licensed?

No, some people mistakenly assume musicians, entertainers or even DJs must obtain licenses to perform. Since it’s your business that’s benefiting from the performance of music, park management is responsible for ensuring that the organization is properly licensed. This responsibility cannot be passed on to anyone else, even if the musicians hired are independent contractors.

Would this license cover a wedding or banquet hall that's on the campground?
Yes, it would if the people using the hall are also camping at the campground. If they are renting out the space to the public (non-campers) then they would need to purchase a separate license directly from the PROs.

What happens to my music license if my National ARVC membership expires? 

In order for music licenses to remain valid, your National ARVC membership MUST remain in good standing for the entire music license calendar year. If your membership expires, your license(s) will be invalidated and no refunds will be issued.

Is my onsite restaurant or bar covered with a National ARVC music license?

Public restaurants/bars on campground property, that are open and accessible to the general public (not park guests) are not covered by National ARVC purchased licenses. For parks that have public facilities - those specific buildings are not covered and would need purchased directly from the PROs company.


When do I need to have my license paid by?

The open enrollment period for the combined National ARVC Music License is August 8 - December 20, 2023. You will be licensed for the 2024 calendar year by paying within this time frame. Please note no payments will be accepted outside of the open enrollment. If you miss the December 20, 2023 payment deadline, you must secure your licensing for the 2024 calendar year with each PRO directly at their published rate. Visit to enroll or renew today.





Under 50 sites $353 per year
51-200 sites $632 per year
201-400 sites $911 per year
401-750 sites $1,190  per year
750+ sites $1,710 per year


SESAC Monthly** (3 month minimum requirement)

Under 100 sites $61 per month
100-200 sites $88 per month
200+ sites $130 per month


GMR Annual

1-750 sites $1.10 /site
750+ sites $900 flat fee

National ARVC’s open enrollment will begin in early August.

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Month of operation equals each calendar month for which the park is operational more than seven (7) days. Full terms & conditions can be viewed here





REMINDER:  If a park plays copyrighted music at their park without a license from ASCAP/ BMI, SESAC or GMR, they could be liable for damages set by federal statute that can range from $750 to $30,000. In addition, if a jury finds that the infringement was 'willful,' the damages assessed could run as high as $150,000 per song plug legal costs. 

Full terms & conditions can be viewed here. 

REMINDER: If a park plays copyrighted music at their park without a license from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or GMR they could be liable for damages set by federal statute that can range from $750 to $30,000. In addition, if a jury finds that the infringement was 'willful,' the damages assessed could run as high as $150,000 per song plug legal costs. 

Open enrollment for 2023 music licensing has closed. If you want to take advantage of National ARVC’s discounted music licensing program for the 2023 calendar year, please get in touch with the membership team at or 303-681-0401.