COVID 19: Getting Back to Normal

COVID-19: The Latest Industry Updates

ARVC provides valuable resources and updates to the outdoor hospitality industry on the COVID-19 pandemic

ReUPDATED: 3/31/21

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, with vaccines approved and the government beginning distribution, you will undoubtedly continue to face ongoing challenges and have questions surrounding safety for your campers and employees, the survival of your business and more. With new information and resources being released daily, ARVC is here to help you decipher the best information. As new important information and updates become available, this blog will be updated to help keep you informed of the details. Below you'll find: 


  1. Recent Advocacy Efforts

  2. Resources 

  3. Reaching Customers

  4. Ordering Supplies

  5. CDC Guidelines








Recent Advocacy Efforts

ARVC continues to advocate at a state and national level and continues to partner with state campground associations and other industry organizations to advocate for private RV parks and campgrounds to remain open as essential businesses. If you have any questions about any of ARVC's advocacy efforts contact Jeff Sims at





ARVC has created a listing helpful links and resource on our Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Resources Page to help you stay informed and minimize the effect of the virus at your park and to help create safe accommodations for your guests. This folder will continue to be updated as new information and resources become available. Click the button below to view the information.

Useful Templates

Re-Opening Toolkit

Insurance and Risk Management


Mental Health



Reaching Customers

Have you visited in a while? Millions of campers are finding their next adventure on the newly redesigned site. Make sure you’ve updated your complimentary profile so RVers and campers can find you! Many public campgrounds remain closed with RVers still on the road and many of those RVers will use to find their next destination. Update your profile today and if you need assistance, contact the ARVC membership team at 303-681-0401 or 

Constant Contact

Make sure your customers are aware of any changes to your day-to-day operations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Constant Contact, one of ARVC’s Member Benefit Providers (MBP), can help you save money while reaching out to customers.

If you need help accessing this or any other ARVC member discount, please give us a call at 303-681-0401 or email us at









Ordering Supplies

We want to make sure you are covered with the items you need. ARVC has been working with our Member Benefit Providers (MBPs) to find supplies for RV park and campground owners. You can purchase these items with your ARVC member discount using the links below:



ARVC members are eligible for exclusive discounted pricing on both start-up packages and ongoing purchases.

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Learn more about how PURIFYD®SYSTEMS can help your park.

Read the blog: 6 Best Health Protection Practices for a Safe and Strong 2021 Season!

Watch: PURIFYD®SYSTEMS Webinar: 6 Best Practices for Opening Safely!



OFFICE DEPOT/OFFICE MAX is offering curbside pickup at many of their locations. Click the link below to get a digital card for in store purchases. Orders can also be placed one and will ship out when the product is in stock. 


If you need help accessing your member information to take advantage of these discounts, please give us a call at 303-681-0401 or email us at







CDC Guidelines


To see more, see our first blog regarding COVID-19 here.

COVID 19: Getting Back to Normal