Worry Free Play

Zeagers Bros, Inc shares ways for campground and RV park owners to provide safe ways for children to play at their parks

Nothing warms our hearts more than watching our little ones play

Nothing warms our hearts more than watching our little ones play. Especially when we know they are safe and free from dirt and mess. Whether it is your adorable child or your loyal pet, you want nothing but the best for them. We don’t want to worry about what happens if they trip or get overly enthusiastic in their play. Or think about cleanup after they have been rolling around. Typically we have had to worry about these things if we left them outside to play. And what about the weather? Is the ground too frozen? Too wet? Is the grass still there?


The Solution: RecBase® Synthetic Grass

There is an answer to all these questions and concerns, Zeager Bros., Inc. has a variety of RecBase® synthetic grass that offers different colors and thickness. Our synthetic grass has a special thatch-fiber root zone that holds fibers upright and in place under heavy use, eliminating the need for messy infill. This pervious system offers fall protection for outdoors or indoors. Cleanup is a snap with a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower or water hose.

Syntetic Grass


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