ARVC’s Rebecca Maguire Named to RV PRO 2020 U40 List

ARVC’s Rebecca Maguire named to RV PRO 2020 U40 List. Inaugural installment recognizes up-and-coming leaders under the age of 40 from across the industry

The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) is proud to announce that Rebecca Maguire, association’s senior manager of membership and marketingwas recently named to the RV PRO 2020 U40 list, designed to recognize up-and-coming leaders younger than 40 from across the industry. 

Maguire has been with ARVC since January 2018 and known for her keen eye for detail, critical thinking and her natural tendency to ask the hard questions, has served a vital role in helping ARVC stay engaged with members, plan events and promote programs. 

“She propels this team forward to producing incredible content and experiences for our members,” says David Basler, vice president of membership and marketing. “She challenges each and every member of this team to think critically about our own work, our approaches, our planning, and our expectations of the final product. And it is because of this that we have a better understanding of our ‘why’ as an organization.” 

Maguire has been crucial in spearheading efforts to relaunch the website for members and the consumer-facing website and mobile app for consumers looking to find their next big RV/camping adventure. She continues to work on Phase 2 of the project as the organization prepares to launch “a fully-interactive trip planning feature that will allow RVers to plan complete trips and all their stops mapped along the way,” says Basler.  

“(Maguire’s) ability to lead her team, diplomatically and with a steady hand beyond her years, signals her bright future to take on greater challenges in a technologically fast-paced world that is changing every day,” adds Basler. “With Rebecca, we can be assured of confidently being at the forefront of this change. She possesses a unique ability to make that delicate blend of professionalism and friendship as a consensus builder in everything she is involved in. Her laughter is infectious and inspires others to just be ourselves.” 

A Georgia native and Piedmont College graduate, Maguire is a member of the 50 State Club and loves to travel with her husband and two dogs. In August, the couple welcomed a new baby boy, Bo. 

To get a broader scope of the up-and-coming workforce in the RV industry, RV PRO launched the inaugural installment of U40 – an extensive lineup of individuals younger than 40 years old from across market segments. Candidates were nominated by co-workers and others representing men and women from dealerships, suppliers, distributors, OEMs, business services and associations. 

“Luckily, we found a great response to the U40 program. When we first issued a press release about it, a lot of folks quipped that it would be easier to find 60 over 60,” says RV PRO Publisher Chris Cieto. “They were probably right. But walking through the process, we realized that there are dozens of young professionals across the country who are making an impact. We are proud to introduce our readers to these professionals in this section and look forward to doing it again next year.” 

ARVC already has a growing young professionals group, with representation on its board of directors, showing the association’s value for how the youth of our industry is our future, Basler says. “Rebecca is a shining example of how our industry will thrive in the coming decades because of the leadership and innovation young professionals like her bring to the table.” 

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